Offshore Wind

Offshore wind is a burgeoning industry in the United States. Areas off the coasts of New York are being studied and leased for offshore wind development. While these facilities are likely to be sited beyond the territorial waters of New York, the transmissions lines bringing in their power will be subject to PSL Article VII. Our firm has extensive experience representing developers in PSL Article VII proceedings, and is well-versed on the unique issues involved with siting underwater cables. We have advised clients on Article VII matters pertaining to offshore wind as well as marine cables subject to Article VII. Mr. Laniado and Mr. Wolcott published an article on siting transmission lines for offshore wind facilities.

We represented Florida Power & Light in its negotiations and coordination with the Long Island Power Authority for the licensing of a proposed offshore wind project, including the submarine electric transmission line that required PSL Article VII approval.  We are familiar with the federal, state and local licensing requirements concerning these types of facilities.